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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

About these additional Centerings

The Daily Centerings provide a framework for reflection and "centering" at four regular times throughout the day.

But there are numerous occasions where one can focus one's mind on "things that matter." Meal times are one--giving thanks for the bounty of the earth, and the effort that has brought this bounty to us.

But what about the other tasks that face us every day? Bathing, for example? Dressing? Commuting? Aren't these also opportunities to "connect" to something beyond our petty, personal worries and see ourselves plugged into "the Big Picture"?

These additional "Centerings" will attempt to help us place ourselves in a greater context, seeing ourselves as participating in relationships, in community, in peoples, and in the ecosphere (if not more).

Look for them to begin in earnest around mid-June.

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